Are you registered for the Writing Matters conference? There’s still time!

Hello everyone!

The Writing Matters conference is fast approaching! A conference sponsored by Seven Valleys Writing Project, this conference will have workshops, seminars and other presentations to assist CNY teachers learn about teaching writing in their classrooms.

We’ll have merchandise for sale as well as an assortment of teaching writing books for sale!

We are still looking for presentors and attendees. But hurry, because registration will close tomorrow!

So, hurry and sign up now for the Writing Matters conference, March 8th, at SUNY Cortland!


“For 10 minues out of each 90 minute class, we read a book. Any book. A comic book, magazine, anything […] And when we wrote, it was about what we wanted to write about […] Mrs. Kittle emphasized embracing your own literacy; owning what you write, reading what you want.” pg 4

I really liked this…

Found this by a student reflecting on what it’s like to write in class. Thoughts?


this afternoon, i got all gussied up and headed over to Olive Hill, to West Carter, for my very first solo writing workshop. i was a little nervous, as it’s been quite awhile since i wandered the halls of a high school and spent any quality time with teenagers. sometimes i feel disconnected. i…

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